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the sexiest character in the show like, literally find me one person who disagrees with that–– he’s so op like, mf really walked on an aircraft in mid-air and yeeted a building into the mouth of a dragon like,,,, bruh,,,,, u are so sexy for that

also i adore how he’s so cool n collected like 99% of the time, and just turns into an angry ball of rage when dazai’s near him. but to be fair if i knew someone like dazai in real life, i too, would want to straight up kill him too.

anyway–– honestly i just hope this design accurately depicts his sexiness bc it would be a shame it if he didn’t look as good as he does, u know?

i think this design is one of my faves in the series–– because of the character itself and as a design too, i think~


gold plated
hard enamel
3 .1 inches tall
double pinback
translucent enamel
screenprinted details
sandblasted elements

by purchasing this product you understand that this item is not produced yet and designs might be subject to slight changes. production can take up to 3 months.