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possibly my favourite character in the show–– maybe. he’s definitely in my top five.

he’s the first character that’s good. like, from a moral standpoint–– he’s just. lawful good. and that’s such a refreshing change from the general neutral-ness of the show’s characters– even though it makes kunikida stand out. i think he’s a very simple person, and maybe that’s why i like him so much? idk, it’s not like im projecting onto kunikida in any way–– i am nothing like him at all, but i just? really like him as a character, idk~

also please ignore the mixup on the graphic my dumb ass messed up and got too lazy to fix it


gold plated
hard enamel
3.3 inches tall
double pinback
translucent enamel
screenprinted details
sandblasted elements

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