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the fandom favourite, and objectively the second shadiest character in the show, dazai! [first place goes to mori for his weird thing w elise]

dazai is smart, cocky, witty and snarky, and that makes him such a likeable fictional character, but to be honest, i have a love/hate relationship with him.

– like there’s something about him that’s just so unnerving. like, this man legitimately has no will to live. like, he literally went around kIlling people at the age of 15 just to feel something– and it’s not like he joined the ada out of some sense of righteousness like, i honestly doubt whether he has a moral compass at all. he literally joined the ada to fulfil oda’s last wish, and tbh i think he’s trying to live his life with the potential that oda’s would have had, you know? like, he’s living his life to honour him, in a way.

but also… i think more than that, dazai was mean to akutagawa, and akutagawa is my baby, so yea.

and on the other hand, dazai is so sexy so like,,, what am i supposed to do, not like him??


gold plated
hard enamel
3 inches tall
double pinback
translucent enamel
screenprinted details
sandblasted elements

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