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"i will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!" – katara.

katara, at her core, is just so good. sure, she’s young, and idealistic, but even at a young age, she's driven and strong-willed. she can be childish and silly, and she’s still so protective and determined to do the right thing.

one of the things that i adore about her is that despite her strength in personality, she also has the skill to back it up. she's hands down one of the strongest people in the world –– both, as a waterbender and a bloodbender, –– and a lot of it is just natural talent, but so much more of it is hard work and perseverance.

can you tell i adore her?


hard enamel
3 inches tall
screenprinted details
silver plated
double pinback


as close to perfect as possible! these pins may have the smallest of flaws which would only be visible at very close inspection or at a certain angle or light, but these are definitely the best of the lot.


these are a bit more affordable, and they may contain flaws that are more visible, such as rough plating or scratches, they still look pretty perfect upon first glance.

[please note: i do not grade the sides or the backs of pins.]